GL Gets Fit #62 {sinus hell}

You Will Never Be Always Be Motivated: Hi Loves! It was another lazy week for me.  As I type that I’m annoyed but at the same time – I can only blame myself.  To be honest, most of the week I was suffering from a lot of sinus pressure in my face.  Short story – a few years ago, I had a cavity in my eye tooth…it was a deeper cavity and now whenever I get a lot of sinus pressure it feels like a toothache.  Like the kind of sudden pain that brings a tear to your eye or makes you wince.  Anyways – after trips to the dentist thinking I needed a root canal – turns out the tooth is fine.  The nerve is close to the sinus area so – I felt pretty miserable for a few days.  Lots of sinus & allergy meds and I’m back to normal.

Good news is despite feeling cruddy – I dropped a pound from last week! However, I’ve lost my die-hard yoga groove. I’m struggling to get back into it.  I still want to do it – but my motivation is seriously lacking.  I’ll get it back – I just think I need to focus more on doing it right after work instead of working on something else which is what I’ve been doing the past couple weeks.

Otherwise I’m working on eating smarter and focusing on what I’m putting into my body instead of mindless eating.  That is a lot harder than I imagined.

Here’s to another week on this adventure!  Thanks for stopping by!

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