GL Gets Fit #63 {pound at a time!}

Finally Meet Your Weight Loss Goals With These Tips: Hi Loves!  Another pound down this week!  Half a pound more and I’ll be back to my current all time low!  I have to confess though… I haven’t really been working out.  While I do not endorse such craziness – I did still drop a pound just focusing on what I’m putting in my body. And…I did have a cheat meal with girlfriends.

This goes to show that I’m at a good place because I was able to drop a pound despite not really working out.  I’ve been doing some photography work so my focus has honed in on editing in evenings instead of working out.  It also goes to show that there is room to improve – if I get back into working out consistently, I should be able to drop a few more pounds.  (Its getting back into the groove that has me stuck!)

I know I don’t have much to share this week – but a pound is a pound! 🙂  Have a great week!

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