GL Gets Fit #64 {work…not working out!?}

Cold medicine doesn't actually make you better, it just renders you unconscious so you don't care how shitty you feel.: Hi Loves!  This week I was busy editing in my evenings and now that my sinuses are getting better…I have an awful sore throat that is sucking the life out of me.  I actually feel tired, run down, achy, and all I want to do is sleep.   I’d say I’ve managed to catch a good old fashioned cold. 

I haven’t felt this sick for a while and it sucks!  My throat is getting worse but I hope I’m in the peak of this cold and it will start to get better…fingers crossed!  Cold medicine isn’t really helping – but I loved the quote!  So now…I’m resting and still not working out.  Can you believe October is almost over?!  I’m thinking its time to get back into a challenge for November.  I’ll fill you in on next weeks post.  Hopefully this cold is gone by then! 🙂

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