GL Gets Fit #65 {holding my own}

Daily Motivation 1  The first Motivation Post from the past on Health Recipes Fitness Why not visit and see them allHi Loves!  Well…another week with out a lot of actual exercise.  But I’m holding my current weight and just a pound higher than my all time low.  On the bright side, I’m still eating smart and not gaining – in fact I’m down a pound from last week.  However – I still aspire to get back into my yoga groove.  It seems like my idea to work out after work keeps getting pushed off with dinner plans, working late, or appointments after work.  Maybe I should try exercise in the mornings…but I really like to hit snooze! :S

Do you get your exercise in before work or after?  After has always seemed to work for me but maybe its time to consider something new.

I picked this weeks quote because while I’m staying put on my weight – I’ve lost just over 20 pounds in the past year.  Granted – its not like a 50 or a 100 pounds…but I’ve been able to lose it and maintain it which is something that I’ve always wanted.  Drinks, supplements, and crash diets often have the side effect of coming off fast but also coming back on faster and heavier.  This has always been a sort of lifestyle change for me.  I’ve cut back on fast food drastically in the past year.  I focus my attention on reaching for fruit instead of candy – although…I still love salty snacks. (baby steps)  I’ve tried to find ways to make the changes gradual so that I don’t feel like I’m missing any thing but can still indulge every now and then.  I’m finding that I don’t really miss “bad” foods but if they around – I WANT them.  So I focus my energy on stocking up on better snacks and eating foods that are filling so I’m not hitting a low point and give in to eating something bad.

With the holidays coming up – it will be a challenge for me to eat smart but I’ll take it one bite at a time!

Until next week – I hope you have a wonderful day!

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