GL Gets Fit #66 {trying something new}

If only I could remember this when my workout alarm goes off at 6:30 rather than hitting the snooze. Really need to get on that...: Hello Loves!  Today – Tuesday November 10 is a new day.  A new beginning…maybe?!  Last night as I was working on blog post ideas and getting things together for some upcoming reviews I knew I needed to get my GL Gets Fit post ready.

I decided that today is the day – I’m waking up to do yoga before work.  I’ve gotten into this horrible habit of hitting snooze for 40 minutes before I even think of waking up…today – I set an alarm on my phone for 5:45AM with hopes that I will be out of bed by 6AM dressed and heading into my living room for yoga with Adrienne.  Guess What?!  It worked.  I picked a pretty sound for my alarm to wake up to birds chirping and music.  I hit snooze once for 5 minutes and then got out of bed, got dressed in clothes I put next to my bed last night and started my morning with a slow and simple morning yoga practice.  Today’s session was only 25 minutes but I wanted to see if I could pull it off and how I felt.

I felt relaxed and chilled out – took a quick shower to rinse off – and started my day half an hour ahead of schedule! It was kind of nice to have some down time built in to my morning today.  Having some quiet time to myself to just breathe and stretch was pretty amazing.  (Fingers crossed I do it again tomorrow morning and then next and the next…)

Do you like morning workouts?  Any advice to keep at it?

Until next week – have a wonderful day! 🙂

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