GL Gets Fit #67 {good mornings}

Workout motivation.: Hi Loves!  I’ve been doing it – 3 days last week of waking up before 6AM to do yoga.  (I had to take a break because my roommate was leaving early for meetings the last two days.) Roll into this week and I’ve done it Monday & Tuesday!  🙂  

So after a week-ish, here’s what I think.  Much like the quote, its easier to wake up, get it over with, and be done with it so you can move forward with your day.  I have found that my body is really tight in the mornings (duh!) but that 30-40 minutes of yoga helps me stretch out and I actually feel…GOOD.  Like when you get a really good deep stretch and you just don’t want to let go because its so good – that feeling.

Am I tired?  Yep. Sort of.  I’ve always had that 2:30PM-3:30PM slump, it might be a little slumpier at the moment but I’m trucking thru it.  I’m finding that I’m sleeping better again AND…today (Tuesday) I woke up before my yoga alarm and got right into it.  So what does this mean?  I want to keep trying it.

My evenings are still fairly busy between working late, appointments, meetings, and I just can’t squish it (exercise) in.  I can however – wake up an hour or so earlier each day and get it in so I feel like I’m still moving towards my goals and meeting life demands.

Fingers crossed I’ll continue with this momentum because I really like it! 🙂  My weight is holding steady but I’ll take it because its still 20 lbs less than last year at this time!

xo – Jen

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