GL Gets Fit #68 {its not so bad}

Surviving the Homestretch to Graduation | Her Campus: Hi Loves!  I tackled another week of morning yoga…well…3 days of it.  I’m still getting into the groove of this 5:45 AM thing!

Good news though – I lost 2.5 pounds since last week and that includes eating out and a snowstorm! 🙂    I’m within half a pound of my all time low on this journey…and..thanksgiving is this week! :O  (Praying I make smart choices and don’t fully give in to temptation!)  I might drag my yoga mat and blocks back home to stretch out after meals and try not to gain too much weight.

However – being that its Thanksgiving –  I want to say that I’m thankful for you.  Thankful for you reading these posts.  Its been over a year since I started to seriously take my mental & physical health into my own hands.   Come December (next week!) it will be a year since I got into doing yoga.

This journey has been quite the ride and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon because I’m far from being done and can’t wait see where I am at the 2 year mark next summer! 🙂

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