GL Gets Fit #69 {thanksgiving}

#yoga #inspiration #quote: Hello Loves!  Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?  Mine was pretty great.  It was nice to spend time with family and have a couple days off to unwind and get back to my roots.

Many of you know how much I love animals…I spent part of my holiday weekend caring for a couple senior pets that are part of my family.  (Confession – most of you know this.) A tiny part of me always wanted to be a Vet – my granny used to encourage the idea.  I pushed that aside because I don’t have an iron heart – I get way too attached to any animal in need.  My cat is a rescue – growing up – I’d save anything from baby bunnies to a bird that fell out of its nest.  I played with and trained bucket calves during my summers – not to show…just because I liked them as pets.  (No…after a summer – they went out to be with the rest of the cows and you know what happens when they grow up…)

Reconnecting with that reminded me of another passion I have.  The caring for animals and making sure they are happy and healthy.  My favorite part might have been the vet visit.  Is it weird we took them to the vet and I was as into the whole exam as the vet himself? – asking questions – getting feedback on how to make sure they continue to live a long and healthy life.

Anyways – I digress… going home, hanging out with cats, a dog, a horse, seeing the cows… reminded me of this whole piece of my life that I don’t address very often so I am here & now! 🙂

Now about getting fit – I only got one day of yoga in last week….and it was Thanksgiving.  BUT…I only gained 2lbs.  While I did gain – ironically several health & fitness articles popped up saying how important it is for us to enjoy the holidays and not focus on counting calories or points or how many fitness minutes we had.  So I didn’t.  I tried to remain semi-conscious of what I was eating but didn’t deny myself treats.

I also know at this point in the game – if I can gain it in a week – I can drop it in a week to! 🙂  To go along with my yoga style and life in general – I felt this weeks quote was perfect.  Life is 90% how we react to it and only 10% is actual stuff happening.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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