GL Gets Fit #70 {kiss ’em goodbye}

weight loss motivation | Tumblr. Follow us @SIGNATUREBRIDE on Twitter and on FACEBOOK @ SIGNATURE BRIDE MAGAZINE: Hi Loves!  Last week I gained a couple pounds…this week they are gone! Plus a little extra! 🙂  Not a lot but a couple tenths of a pound more.

I’ve really focused on what I’m eating.  Keeping mental notes on when I’m actually hungry or just craving something.  I’ve also been reaching for lots of fruit lately.  My current obsession has been mandarin oranges – I take a couple to work every morning and munch on them during my morning.  They’re the perfect amount of sweet and juicy that fulfills cravings.

The point of this post is that while I might have a cookie every day or every other day – its one.  Its not 4.  I’ve been working on smarter meals.  Having a piece or two of ham, crackers, and cheese.  (A grown up lunchable!)  Shocking how ironically, I’m full.  I don’t need a giant meal.  I’m reaching for whole grain or multigrain crackers to help me slowly convert away from crackers and snacks that are worse for me.

I hope you have a wonderful week – I have tons of reviews to share with you – I hope to get those out soon! 🙂

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