GL Gets Fit #71 {holiday prep}

Chalkboard art quote Merry & bright Toni Kami  Joyeux Noël  Christmas graphic  lily & val: Hi Loves!  This past week I started venturing down the holiday traditions road.  To me the start of Christmas season is after my family and I attend a local symphony’s Christmas Spectacular.  Hearing beautiful music, listening to the night before Christmas, and seeing Santa helps put me in the Christmas mood!

Now I can embark on writing Christmas cards.  Wrapping the few gifts I have picked up so far, watching my favorite Christmas movie (White Christmas), and thinking about baking.

This brings up my post for the week – holiday prep.  I’ve read numerous articles about staying healthy over the holidays.  Its not surprising that you should allow yourself some treats.  The hard part is in moderation.  I feel like maintaining will be a challenge for anyone who will be spending time with friends and family that aren’t on your diet.  Its about having small bites of your favorites so you’re not depriving yourself but not over eating either.  Don’t get me wrong – moderation is a HUGE problem for me.  But, on this journey – if I flat out cut foods from my diet and refuse to eat them when I’m surrounded by delicious goodies – I’ll cave and eat WAY more than I intend.

As we venture into the holidays – and OMG – Christmas is next week.  Remember to take a moment and enjoy your time with friends & family.  Eat a piece of something you only eat once a year – and enjoy yourself.

As far as my weight update – I maintained – or gained less than half a pound.  I’ll take it!

Happy Holidays!

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