GL Gets Fit #74 {yoga camp!}

A fitting #quote as you look back on the year past and forward to 2016 <3 #yoga #inspiration: Hi Loves!  Well – on January 1st- I started down a new 30 day practice with Yoga w/ Adriene.  I’m doing her Yoga Camp – and 4 days in (3 days of practices) and I love the feeling of getting back into a daily practice again.

I’m also in the midst of year end accounting and inventory at work which seriously fries my brain and body.  Longer than normal hours – eating to stay focused, etc.  During the past week-ish, yoga has been great at uncrunching me and forcing me to clear my head.  When I do yoga – I can’t think about anything else otherwise I fall.  For the 30-50 minutes of the practice, I disconnect, focus on my breathing, my tight muscles, and clear my mind.

To check in on my weight – I gained 2 lbs over Christmas and maintained them over New Years.  I’m not too bummed about it – I know the past 2 weeks I’ve been indulging on my favorites and now its time to get back to eating smarter again.

And I picked up a cute little black dress for a formal event I have coming up in February – (60% off shopping holiday sales) – but its not my normal style.  Its a cute dress and I feel like I’m ready to rock it at the end of next month!

I hope you have a wonderful week – and if you want a sneaky peek at what I’m doing – here’s Adriene’s intro video.  Seriously – I love her style.  You might like it too!



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