GL Gets Fit #75 {yoga camp rocks!}

as with anything, worth anything: Hi Loves! So this past week I completed my first “full” week of yoga camp.  I’m keeping up with it daily and LOVE the feeling of a daily practice again.

This year – her yoga camp focuses on daily mantras for us to ponder and a practice based around it that days phrase.  This past week the mantras were:
I am supported
I am capable
I choose
I am bold
I am present…

Some practices are intense, others are wonderful and relaxing.  Its really about finding your own way of completing the sentence and getting some perspective.

Weight wise – I’m down a pound and a half from last week.  My muscles are tight and sore, so I could also be working on rebuilding some muscle that I lost.  It still sort of surprised me at how taking a month or so off from yoga has left my body crunched back up.  Some of my favorite moves are a little harder but I know I’ll get loosened back up again.

Since some of you are curious about my yoga journey – I thought I would share one of my favorite poses each week.  Last night we did a pigeon pose.  It is perfect for those of us stuck at a desk or sitting a lot as it really opens up the hip – I love it.  I’m including a video so you can check it out and let me know what you think – could you do it? Do you like it?  This one might be harder at first but once you can get it and really sink down into it – it feels ahhhmazing! 🙂  Until next week loves… xo

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