GL Gets Fit #77 {recovery}

Weight Loss Motivation.: Hello Loves!  Well – I thought I was feeling better but the cold and infection were still hanging on  last week.  In lieu of more antibiotics – I’m trying – a supplement.  I’m not a huge fan of prescription antibiotics and if its still lingering on after 10 days – I’m going to something else for a few days – check back next week and hopefully I’m better.

I’m not going to get all “crunchy” on you. But its your own choice on what you want to do to treat colds and things.  I’m trying something else because a couple years ago – I did a few rounds of antibiotics and it didn’t get rid of my problem.  Why keep putting something in your system if it doesn’t work?

That said – I didn’t do yoga last week – AGAIN! 😦  However – last week, I lost a pound and maintained it this week so – there is that.  Also – on a happier note, I’m less than 2lbs from my all time low since jumping on this journey, with less working out and holding my current weight – I know I can break that low in the near future. And – I’m not gaining.

While I’m bummed that I’m behind – I also know the value of rest and I’ve been focusing on my side jobs the past couple weeks.  I’m also looking into getting back into blogging more beauty things.  Also – I’m not sure where you’re reading this from but the past three weeks have been primarily gloomy and cold.  I MISS THE SUN!!  The doom & gloom can also affect me and just make kicking this cold and infection even harder.

Until next week – take care!



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