GL Gets Fit #79 {sweet tooth}

Remember How... Your Clothes Don't Fit Your Body Feels Sluggish Your Skin Doesn't Glow You Don't Have Energy You Want To Feel Beautiful You're Regreeting What You Ate You're Wishing You Worked Out You Wanted To Change ...Before Making Another Unhealthy Choice: Hi my loves!  Well…I fell off the wagon and indulged in some sweets this weekend.  For some crazy reason I was craving serious sweets at the end of the week.  Do you have those days too?  Well – I indulged and felt guilty for it but also enjoyed it.

I know that its a slippery slope when you indulge in a treat and its easy to spiral towards more bad choices.  I did that this weekend.  I’ve always been real about my process and I ate shit – terrible food and snacks this weekend.  I was worried to get on the scale but know that these things happen.  I’m human – I’m still weak against my favorite treats.  Well…. I did my weekly weigh in and still dropped about half a pound.  I was just happy that I didn’t gain!

So last week – I started out doing day one of yoga camp.  Then a two day blizzard hit – two days off work – would have been an awesome time to do two days of yoga right?!  Well in theory… but I worked on blog posts Tuesday – and Wednesday I spent about 2 and a half hours digging my car out of snow.  (That counts as exercise right?!)  I was a sore, no really sore girl the next day – you know when the snow is heavy & wet, then packed?  Its like cement and the drift behind my car was waist high!  (Really!!! – I took pictures!)

I have a quote on pinterest – that every day is a new day to set things right.  Well after a crappy weekend – I know I need to make things right.  I’ve reigned in my eating and got back into my exercise goals.  I’m determined to finish my 30 days of yoga that was put on hold when I was sick in January.  In January I got thru days 1-11.  Yesterday – I picked up day 8, today I hope to do day 9, and continue.  Next – I set a goal to get 5000 steps a day in February.  That wasn’t really happening either so… last night after yoga and some free weight work, I hit my 5000 step goal and actually came closer to hitting 6 before I called it a night.

Here’s hoping I can get back into a routine this week – I did a lovely restorative yoga practice last night.  It was just what I needed after a crazy day and ease me back into yoga.  Fingers crossed day 9 happens after work and before a meeting tonight!

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