GL Gets Fit #80 {yoga camp}

Conquer your mind and win the war. It is just you against you. Make yourself proud in the morning. No regrets.: Hi Loves!  Well, last week I committed to it and did it.  I picked up my yoga camp practice and did 6 out of 7 days.  One evening I was out of town.  I also worked on hitting over 5000 steps a day and did so for 5 of 7 days. (I tend to take weekends off from steps.)

That said – getting back into yoga was wonderful and challenging.  Some poses were more difficult than others but I just kept with it and have enjoyed getting back into my groove.

I also really focused on eating better and smarter.  For my Tuesday morning weigh in today – I lost 2.2lbs since last week – taking me back to my lowest since 12/8/15.  I’ve hovered around this number since Christmas but to meet it exactly was a surprise that I’ll take! 🙂

I also wanted to get back to sharing a favorite yoga pose of the week.  This is a simple one but a good one.  Downward Dog. Its amazing for arms and I’m feeling some definition coming back in my bat wings.  Its a challenge and it took me a while before I could do it flat footed but I can.  (I have pictures to prove it – but I’ll keep them for now!)  It became somewhat of a goal for me to get this pose and now a year and a half later its become one of my favorites because I remember starting yoga November/December 2014 and struggling to even attempt the modified pose and hold it.  Now I can hold it for several breaths and love that feeling.

Check out the dog – and I’m wishing you another wonderful week! 🙂

How To Do Downward Dog by mindbodygreen #Yoga #Downward_Dog:

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