GL Gets Fit #81 {ups & downs}

Do it, don't quit: Hi Loves!  I had some interesting hurdles this week.  I did yoga camp 6 of 7 days and got over 5000 steps 6 of 7 days but… I gained a pound and half.

So its a moment like this that makes me frustrated.  I carve out time to hit my goals and still gain.  BUT…I did make a cake and I’ve been munching on a piece or two a day.  🙂  Its time for the cake to go away!  I’m not blaming anyone but myself.  Its just that I still have moments of weakness and most likely always will.

I’ve gotten back into tracking my food and that’s been helpful in making me think before I put food in my mouth.  This week was also glorious.  Hitting my yoga goals were wonderful.  I really do love it.  Some how my daily yoga practice gets me to relax and hit the snooze/pause button on my brain.  I also love seeing and feeling my body strengthen, lengthen, and tone.  So…yes I did gain this week but a pound and a half is peanuts really and it can come off this week.  I’m traveling this week so with working late and meetings and travel Friday-Sunday,  I’m pausing yoga camp.  To make me feel better about missing yoga camp, I’m hitting for 5-6000 steps a day instead.  We’ll see how that goes!

Until next week loves – have a wonderful day.
PS….review coming at the end of the week on an awesome new eye cream and hydrating mask that I’ve been trying!

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