GL Gets Fit #82 {craziness}

Remember Why You Started: Hi Loves!  This past week was pure craziness!  Besides working late, I left Friday afternoon for a weekend out of town with friends.  Sometimes its hard to keep up when you’re putting in long hours, late nights, and a road trip – but a weekend with some of my best friends was wonderful.

While I took some snacks and got lots of steps in – I still gained half a pound.  BUT…I did eat BBQ and a banquet and had some drinks so it is what it is.  Another issue I have is that on Sunday and Monday I was really dragging.  In those moments I tend to eat – and I eat bad food!  Some how chocolate, salt, and sugar become my staples pretty quick.

However, today is March 1.  Last night I went to the store and bought some healthier items to have around and restock my kitchen that was getting pretty bare.  I’m not bummed – I had a great weekend, I caught up with friends, and know that every now and then that’s just a great weekend.  You can’t stop your life – well I could have stuck to my diet religiously but for the first time in a pretty long time I just tried to sensor myself and keep a general idea of what I was eating in my head.  Part of the journey is learning to roll with the ups and downs.  I’ll just take this in stride and work better this week at picking up yoga daily and keeping my steps goal of at least 5000 a day.

Happy March – can you believe it?!  It was 65 degrees this weekend – I got a taste of spring and LOVED it!  See you next week for my next update!

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