GL Gets Fit #84 {down!}

Do yoga.: Hi loves!  After a couples weeks of gaining a pound or half a pound – I’m down 1.2.  FINALLY.  Ugh. I’ve been trying to focus on my food and getting steps and yoga in and turns out it worked!

Don’t get me wrong – I knew it would sort itself out eventually but some times my patience doesn’t work so well!  Well if you know me personally, you know I have ZERO patience! 🙂

Last night I did an intense and sweaty 40 minute session that had me twisted in some fun and difficult moves and much like today’s quote.  I was able to “log out” for 40 minutes.  I just focused on myself, my head, and my heart.  It was a wonderful feeling.  As with last week – getting deep down into your mind can bring up emotions.  I feel like they sort of bubble up out of no where like when you’re cooking and a pot boils over.  I had been holding on to some toxic thoughts – not bad per se but not good either. Thoughts of doubt had been in my head the past few weeks and I’d just been pushing them back down.  Last night – after yoga they boiled over.  I just went with it – let the emotions out that had been pushed down in my mind out.  Some times we just need to let it out.  The good…the bad… the emotional… let it out, sort it out, and let it go.  Granted its much harder to let go than I’d like to admit but it needs to be done every now and then.  Once I dealt with it – I felt like a gray cloud had just left and the sun came out.  (How about those metaphors today?!)

Yoga is good for my brain as much as it is for my body.  Physically – it forces me to confront positions that I didn’t know I could.  Mentally – it forces me to “log out” and focus on one moment, or one breath at a time.

I did this funny little pose last night – and I’m still feeling a few twinges of pain in my thighs today but in a good way.  I thought I’d share it with you.  I did it with my back knee off the floor – with slight variation that had me balancing on one had at the end.

Until next week – take care. 🙂

Pin now, practice later!  Video on this post as well.:

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