GL Gets Fit #85 {back up…}

pinterest: anoukvaneldijk «: Hi Loves!  Up..down…up…down.. you know the drill!  Well. I was back up almost 2lbs. 😦  I have moments where things are really good – then I have a crazy week with meetings and eating out, and I have no will power! 🙂

Two pounds isn’t a deal breaker – its just annoying.  In the past week I ate out Tuesday night at a meeting (yum pizza hut), Wednesday I had frozen pizza, Thursday I ate bar food, Friday I ate out a hockey game, Saturday I ate bar food, Sunday I had delicious breakfast made by firemen… Most weeks aren’t like this for me, THANK GOD!  It was wonderful spending time with friends and rarely do I eat out that much.  In fact – I try to only eat out once a month.  Well…I blew that out of the water! 🙂

Confession…last night I had steak and loaded mashed potatoes and corn. 😦  Ok. We’re caught up.  I’ve gone back to oatmeal for breakfast this week and surprisingly have grown to like it.  Some flavors better than others but I make it, put it in a little bowl and eat it at work so I’m not as rushed in getting ready or eating it.  That seems to help.  I also had a blast taking some pictures last weekend so it allowed me to tap into my picture taking passion AND extra money is always fun!

Here’s to another week friends – and Happy Easter if you celebrate it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “GL Gets Fit #85 {back up…}

  1. Mommies Quiet Place says:

    Easter or any holiday is always hard to deal with when it comes to trying to balance weight issues. great post.

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