GL Gets Fit #86 {still up…}

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Hi Loves!  Well…yes…I gained another pound. 😦  I have no self control.  Its okay – I know my weaknesses and they will always be my weaknesses.  

First off, it was Easter weekend and those glorious sweet treats are a weakness.  Throw in an out of town concert, a really late night, and having to work the next day – and I use junk food as fuel.  If I eat I can stay awake.  In theory.  Until the sugar crash!

So the past two weeks I gained.  I have lost as well.  But I only report on my weekly weights every Tuesday.  On Thursday I was back down but over indulging this weekend set me back.  While I’m working on increasing my steps – bad food still wins!  And it should – its hardly healthy but so yummy!

I know its bad when I eat crap and I wake up in the mornings hungry.  Like stomach growling hungry.  When I’m eating better, I’m not hungry and wanting to reach for anything to eat.

Overall – this is a minor set back.  I’m not giving up, I’m not throwing in the towel.  I’m being real.  Yes…I’m up 4lbs since my all time low about a month and a half ago.  Its not a huge deal – but it is annoying.

Until next week – Here’s hoping my will power is better!

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