GL Gets Fit #87 {still stuck}

I did this exact thing also, but may bc I just didn't have my appetite anymore. I woukd cut it in half if not even smaller than that.: Old Habits Die Hard!  I’m maintaining this week.  Not a gain or a loss.  My problem is it is so easy to fall back into old habits.  Eating sugery sweets, salty snacks, and poor choices.

Granted, I didn’t gain this week – I didn’t lose either.  BUT…I didn’t really work out, nor did I work on eating smarter.  Every now and then I fall into this pit – this dark hole where I’m stuck.  I’m not gaining, I’m not losing but I’m also not motivated to work either.  I need to get my groove back!!

This week will be good for me, while I’m busy in the evenings a couple nights, I’m able to work out in the other evenings.  This week instead of focusing on hitting a certain weight – I’ll work on getting rid of my sweet treats – or at least hiding them.  I’ll work on making better choices and easing back into my workout groove.  Times like this I’m always drawn back to yoga.  I’ll work on getting yoga in at least 3 days this week.  Three days doesn’t seem that hard.

On a healthier note – two weeks ago I started the wall sit challenge.  I’m still going strong but my thighs are angry!!  Not sure what a wall sit is – check it out below.  Every day adds on 10 more seconds. I’m now over 2 minutes and my thighs are NOT happy.  I’ll let you know how this goes.

Until next week – wish me luck!

My to do list:  1-work out 3 times, 2-continue wall sits, 3- hide the sweets!!

muscle diagram - LEGS/HIPS: wall sit  (ant & post thigh muscles, gluteus maximus):

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