GL Gets Fit #88 {down!!}

iifym memes - Google Search: Hey Loves!! Finally…some good news to share!  I’m almost down two pounds since last week!  (Sigh…) Dang a couple up weeks was a giant buzz kill.  Granted…I still need to drop about 4lbs to get back on track to my low but…I didn’t gain so I’m taking this small victory!

What changed?  Not much.  Seriously – eliminating sweets that are a giant weakness.  Making a couple clean(er) meals and just trying to think about what I’m putting in my body before I do it.  Thats about it.

Confession…I only got one day of yoga in. 😦  I wanted 3 but a couple late nights and lazy days won.  However – I feel like 3 is a good number so that is my goal for this week.  Now, I was busy last night (Monday), I have a meeting tonight (Tuesday) and I have an event on Friday night. So…my yoga nights will have to be Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and/or Sunday if I want to hit my goal.  I still feel like this is attainable so…I’ll let you know next week!

Also have you heard of the calm app for your phone?  Its a meditation app.  Last year I dabbled in meditation and it was a little over my head.  This app is available for iphone or android and FREE.  I’m doing a 7 day intro for free, several things on it are free and if you like it and want to really dig in (I haven’t yet – there is a monthly, yearly, or lifetime fee to buy it.)  It seems to have really solid content and with my anxiety – meditation and/or yoga helps me push the mute button on my brain for a while.

Take care loves – and until next week – I’m still shooting for 3 fitness days… (wish me luck!)

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