GL Gets Fit #89 {mind power}

✔️ #run #fitness #health: Hi Loves!  So this past week was a fail on my goal.  I’m just starting with the bad news at the beginning.  I didn’t work out until last night (Monday).  I’m not sure why I’m in this funk but its super annoying!  Oh…and I gained a pound. (Dang you Chinese buffet and zero will power! 🙂 )

I thought this quote was fitting.  Its not hard to lose the weight – or get in better shape.  Its convincing yourself that you need to do it.  What are your thoughts on wraps and drinks?  I’ve been sort of bummed out lately.  I’m seeing friends making a lot of progress investing in wraps and drinks or strict high protein diets.  While I’m jealous… yes… I am.  I wonder if down the road the rapid loss will be sustainable?  Will you have to keep buying wraps and fancy drinks for the rest of your life?

I’m still not sold on supplements and wraps and fancy drinks.  I’ve lost over 20 pounds the old fashioned, boring, hard, annoying way.  I’m watching what I eat.  I’m moving more.  I’m not eating shit food…well most of the time.  I’m not in some competition – just one with myself mentally, daily.  I found a quote the other day that really stuck with me.  There is a number in my head that I want to get below – and some days and weeks are easy for me to get in the work out groove and others are harder – but I’m not defined by that number.

Its a struggle for me.  I’m sure it always will be.  After a fattening weekend – I went back to my easiest form of working out – moving.  I spent last night watching a show on netflix and getting my “steps” in.  45 minutes of moving – not allowed to sit – until the show is over.  Did I run? or speed walk?  I just kept moving.  I packed on over 4000 steps and shattered my 6000 step goal for the day by getting well over 7000 steps.  (Yay!)

Yoga is great when my mind is in overdrive.  But on days when I just need to move – steps are the easiest and simplest way to meet my goal.  And – as with last week – I’m keeping my 3 days with exercise goal in tact.  This week will be another crazy one but I’m hoping I can still get to moving in between meetings, volunteering, and celebrating.

What's your journey?:

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