GL Gets Fit #90 {steppin!}

Fitness motivation. 21 Day Fix. Hi Loves!  Well – I lost half a pound since last week BUT – the bigger news is that I hit my goal of getting my steps in – getting over 6000 steps in 3 days.  I had at least 5000 steps in daily for 5 of 7 days last week.  (I know that isn’t a lot – but if you have an office job where you should spend about 8+ hrs a day sitting – I’ll take it!)

This week – I’m hoping to hit over 6000 steps daily until May.  I’m counting Monday – Saturday so 6 days…can I do it?  I sure hope so! (Wish me luck!)  Last night I got home late but after dinner I felt full and yucky – so I did about 2500 steps and ended with over 8000.  I felt better before I crashed and my stomach didn’t feel as crummy from a full meal.  I had a weekend filled with wine and good food so I enjoyed the time catching up with friends and tried to keep a handle on what I was eating.  I didn’t gain so I’m enjoying that part of the story!

I realize at times I’m seriously missing yoga – so I may get a couple days of yoga in if I have some down time because my body needs those stretches and moves to uncrunch and uncrack!  Here’s to another week – and holy cow – next week’s post will be in MAY?! What?! 🙂  Fingers crossed I hit my mini-goal of 6 days of over 6000 steps!

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