GL Gets Fit #91 {a marathon!}

There Is No Shortcut: Hi Loves!! I did it!  (sort of). I accomplished my goal of walking over 6000 steps a day until May! 🙂  In fact, I liked it so much – I’m keeping it up for the month of May.  6000+ steps a day in May – I like when things rhyme! 

In addition to walking 6K (steps) a day in May – I set an intention to get in at least 3 days of yoga this week.  I started last night (Monday) and did a 45 minute beginner session.  I love yoga – but its been about a month since I actually did a practice.  BOY…could my legs feel it. My thighs and hips were super duper tight but I keep pushing thru it and guess what – I was exhausted, sweaty, and felt amazing.  I put myself back in the beginner bracket – I will be doing some longer beginner practices this week and hope I’m able to get at least 3 days of it in.  It felt wonderful in savasana (corpse pose) last night.

Now – you all know I’m a numbers girl.  Numbers don’t lie.  That being said – I need to confess, despite getting my steps in, I ate a lot of heavy food the past week.  Hello mac & cheese, hello spaghetti and garlic bread… so I gained 2lbs.  This puts me back in a range that I’m definitely not happy with.  In fact – I’m annoyed.  I cannot lie, temptation is hard for me and I’ve been snacking on a lot of bad things.  This week – its back to entering EVERY food in myfitnesspal.  I did yesterday and holy shit – thats why I’m fat.  Seeing how much things are “worth” in my “calorie bank” is depressing and insightful.  I’m accountant – I like to visualize my calories as money and every day I get a budget of 2000 calories – how will I spend them? (Yes…thats how I really view it!)

However – now that I got that heaping pile of annoyance off my chest… on to some good numbers!

April 25 – May 2 (yes 8 days but for the the sake of this post go with it!)

  • – I walked 62,026 steps
  • – I walked an average of 7,753 steps a day
  • – I walked 26.4 miles!  (A marathon is 26.2…okay – thats in 8 days but still! 🙂 )
  • – I averaged 3.3 miles a day walking

That being said – I’m confident I can meet my goal of getting at least 6000 steps a day in every day in May.  Its not hard, I just walk while I watch something on tv or netflix. I’m also confident that I can get 3 days of yoga in.  I only have to do 2 more days to get that goal, and I’m hoping, that I can watch my eating better this week.  If nothing else – I want to maintain my weight NOT gain!!

Until next week – have a wonderful day!

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