GL Gets Fit #92 {just keep going}

Fitness Motivation! #fitness #motivat #quotes #me #instamood #inspration #health #benefit #healthy #instalike #like4like #teg #followme #instacool: Hi Loves!  So this quote was so perfect for today’s post.  Last week – Wednesday thru Saturday I had a stupid sore throat, headache, and super tired …guessing just a standard cold or sinus/allergy thing.  I think its just about gone thanks to rest, fluids, and sunshine! 🙂 But the important thing is …I held myself to my 6000 steps a day goal despite feeling run down a crummy.  I didn’t get as many in as I hoped, but every day I had at least 6000 steps.

In the past, I’d give myself one day off a week.  A “down” day where numbers don’t count.  While those are okay…I thought I would experiment with seeing how I could do with still hitting my goal. Granted… Thursday when I was dragging, my throat hurt like hell, and all I wanted to do was sleep – it was so very hard to hit 6000 – confession – I only hit 6,054 steps and called it a day.  But I didn’t give in to temptation I just took my time.  However, I didn’t meet my yoga goal, only one day of yoga last week.

So now for the weekly round up of stats

  • Tuesday May 3 thru Monday May 9
  • 51,610 steps – and 21.93 miles
  • DOWN (finally) 3 lbs exactly

Goals for the week (May 10 – 16)

  • 3 days of yoga
  • 6000 steps a day
  • eating smart

Here’s to another fresh start on the week.  I’m really focusing on eating smarter and getting steps in.  The important thing for me is that the things I did in the past few days are finally kicking in – results aren’t instant when you’ve been stuck on a plateau for a while.  Its the things you did a few days ago that are setting you up for where you are today.  What I do today will impact the next few.  Have a lovely week friends and I hope to have decent results again next week!

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