Yuni ~ Muscle Recovery Gel {review}

Hi Loves! Last summer I was contacted by Yuni Beauty asking if I would like to try one of their new products.  Of course, I did, received one product and also purchased another to try the line.  Fast forward to this spring and they emailed asking if I’d like to be a brand ambassador with them.  Since I liked the products that I tried, I jumped at the opportunity.

They sent me a box of goodies and I was immediately drawn to this product.  Today I’m starting my first of several Yuni posts with one of my instant favorites.  Before I tell you about the product – here’s a little background on Yuni .

About Yuni

Yuni brand was developed by yogis for yogis, the Yuni collection consists of natural, sensorial, versatile, and eco-conscious beauty products for active health seekers.  Yuni products prepare the body and mind, deliver treatment benefits while you work out, aid express cleanup and post recovery, and help to recall the powerful benefits of your practice, off the mat.

Now – if you’d like to visit YUNI Beauty – click Here! *Affiliate Link*


3 oz.
This blend of fair trade green tea extract and arnica eases the aftermath of a hard workout. Arnica naturally reduces inflammation while peppermint reduces perception of pain, to keep you mobile the next day. Perfect for after yoga or other sports. Energizing essential oils stimulate and refresh.

Eases post-workout soreness and inflammation. Intense cooling sensation.
100% natural aromas
Enhances and prolongs effects of yoga practice
All YUNI products are non-toxic, plant based, biodegradable and compostable

Glide over muscles, tendons and ligaments that feel hot or overextended.

Arnica Flower Extract reduces swelling, bruising and pain while containing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties useful in wound-healing.

Peppermint Leaf Essential Oil’s natural menthol reduces the perception of pain.

Fair trade Green Tea Extract reduces the formation of free radicals and also helps to reduce the activity of bacteria on the skin and prevent blemishes.

My thoughts-

I’ve been using this off and on for a few weeks and a couple weeks ago I got a flare up of Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot.  In a nutshell if you haven’t heard, its similar to a heel spur, except a tendon (plantar fascia) stretches across the bottom of your foot from heel to toes gets inflamed.  Mornings are especially rough as I can’t put any weight on my heel.  As the morning goes on and I walk around more the tendon loosens up and its not as painful.  Towards the evening it starts to get sore again.  There really isn’t any treatment other than supportive shoes, ice, massage and rest.  I’ve been using this on my foot especially after a shower and the skin is softer.  (Confession – I haven’t given up on my steps goal for May either!)

The biggest appeal of this product is the roller ball  on the top.  It really lets me get into various pressure points on my foot and when the skin is already soft, it really sinks in and warms the tendon and helps relax it.

BOTTOM LINE – LOVE.  Hands down, I am recommending this to any one with tight and sore muscles.  I’m not kidding, in fact if  we’re friends and I see you randomly, I’ll bring it so you can see it, smell it, and even try it if you’d like.  I’ll be buying more of this when I run out because I’m seriously loving it.  Click the link above to visit the site, or visit yuni beauty on your own and check out the other products they have.


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