GL Gets Fit #94 {don’t stop}

At any given moment, you have the power to say: This is NOT how the story is going to end.: Hi Loves!  I love this quote.  As I weighed in this morning, and ugh…gained 2 lbs.  I took a step back.  This is not how the story is going to end.  First I ate a lot of heavy foods in the past week, ate out once, and pizza twice.  All of my favorite things rolled in to one week and well… I indulged. Time to keep things in check until the weekend at least!

I’m looking forward to a weekend back home with family.  Some times, that’s the best medicine.  Spending time with family, unwinding, and relaxing.  I’m also hoping to get a couple walks in and I’m not giving up on my 6000 steps a day goal.  I’m going to finish May strong and I’m thinking of continuing it in June.

I’m going back to basics until Friday. I spent the past couple weeks eating bowls of cereal for breakfast.  This week – I’m back on my steel cut apple cinnamon oatmeal.  Its a good serving and actually keeps me filling fuller than cereal ever has.  I’m also going to try and really avoid bad snacks.  Like a childhood favorite that I’ve been enjoying lately – graham crackers and frosting! (YUM)  I’m hoping to stock up on some fruit and just keep my eating in mind.

I’ve also fallen in love with a couple youtube workouts from blogilates.  OH MY GOODNESS… the back one was so good but so hard on my shoulders.  It seems so easy but my shoulders were on FIRE by the end.  It was great on helping me uncrunch my upper back that is hunched over from computer work all the time.  Check it out:

I’m still shying away from yoga – just taking a break and trying new things to mix it up every now and then.  Don’t get me wrong though – yoga is still and always will be my go to when I need to unwind and mute my brain.

  • Now – my favorite part of the week lately.  Some stats for May 17-23.
    • I walked 53,838 steps
    • I walked 24.25 miles!!! (YESSS!)
    • Gained 2lbs 😦
  • Goals for this week. May 24 – 30
    • I’d love to hit at least 7000 steps a day. I want to finish May strong.
    • Try to maintain – if not lose – some weight with the holiday weekend.
    • Maybe…just maybe break 25 miles? How cool would that be!

Until next week – I hope this finds you well and that you have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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