GL Gets Fit #95 {long weekends}

daily-motivation-9Hi Loves!  I hope you had a wonderful long weekend.  I did.  It was fantastic.  I got to take some pictures of cute kiddos and a beautiful couple, hiked around a state park and got my sweat on!

I kept my goal of walking at least 7000 steps a day last week even if one day I farted around too much and it came down to crossing that mark at 11:56PM… 4 minutes before my garmin reset!

With it being a holiday weekend I did enjoy foods I love.  While I tried in moderation – I did still gain two pounds. 😦  But… it is what it is.  Time to reset and kick off the week right.  After my nature hike down and back up a fairly substantial incline- I realized I’m still really out of shape!  The 84 degrees and high humidity probably didn’t help much but I kept going one step at a time. The important thing is I didn’t quit and I kept going.

Now – some stats for last week (May 24-30)

  • I walked 53,990 steps
  • I walked 22.75 miles
  • Gain of 2lbs

Goals for this week (May 31-June 6)

  • Hit 7000 steps a day
  • Try to hit 25 miles
  • Eat smarter
  • 2 days of yoga

Here’s to a new week in this adventure of mine.  In the end of June I’ll cross the 2 year mark since I started these posts.  Can you believe it?! Thanks for keeping me on this journey.

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