How do you burn 100 calories? {Chobani Simply 100 Crunch}


Hi Loves!  The wonderful people at Chobani reached out to me and asked how do I save 100 calories?  Chobani’s encouraging everyone to live an active and fun lifestyle, and I thought this was a great idea! You know by now I love to get my steps in – and instead of adding an extra hundred steps, last week I set my minimum goal to an extra 1000 steps!  It was totally attainable! I’m keeping that trend going this week and keeping my goal at 7000 steps daily instead of 6000.

Chobani is also coming out with a great new line of yogurt that sound delicious, healthier than my normal go to snacks, and are only 100 calories!!  Chobani already had the simply 100 line, now they are adding some crunch to the mix.  I think the mango cone crisp sounds delicious!

Chobani’s Description:

To Love This Life Is To Live It Naturally™

That’s why we created Chobani Simply 100®, a range of delicious, naturally sweetened Greek Yogurt products full of flavor and satisfaction for 100 calories. Made with only natural, non-GMO ingredients, Chobani Simply 100® is an ally in your weight management journey by empowering you to reach your goals in the right way.

Visit the site and let me know which you’d pick!  Off the list of ways to burn 100 calories – what would you do?  How will you burn an extra 100 calories?  I like the idea shopping, or yoga, or cooking or… 🙂





Displaying chobani_100cal.jpgDisplaying chobani_100cal.jpg

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