GL Gets Fit #97 {10K and exhausted}

This is so true! I often say, "I don't eat that." Before, I used to say, "I can't have that." and it really makes a huge difference.: Hi Loves!  I had an intense week.  I drove back home Thursday to spend 11 hours standing Friday helping make potato dumplings.  95lbs of mashed potatoes, and 950 dumplings later… this girl was toast.  Oh and the plantar fasciitis is was really pissed off in my left foot.  On the bright side – I crossed 10,000 steps Friday.  However since I wasn’t covering much ground my miles show it.

Every year I seem to walk away learning something new about myself.   Like despite hobbling out of church and an insane cramp in my foot – I pushed through it.  I also learned that as the day goes on and I’ve spent a day boiling all those little bundles of joy that people seem to love – my patience is completely gone and being in pain doesn’t seem to help that any.  I know my temper is short – and in fact – I was told to go have a drink. Know what – if I didn’t feel so shitty – I would have!!  The thing is – while I try to be sympathetic to others who are helping, I’m sure they are exhausted too, I have zero tolerance for rudeness. I digress.  I’m sure I’ll be doing it again next year.  And year after that.  And probably the year after that.  (Is it wrong to take alcohol to a church?)

That being said – I screwed up.  Saturday my foot hurt and I was just exhausted from a couple early mornings that led to long days…I didn’t hit my goal of 7000 steps.  I only got 4719 steps in.  I was fried.  I crawled in to bed and didn’t look back.  I’m sharing this because like I’ve always said – I’m human.  Bumps in the road are bound to come up every now and then.  So – I’m sharing my confession as a way to remind myself to be accountable AND to be real.

Now – lets get to some stats to share.
Last week June 7-13, 2016

  • I walked 56411 steps (I walked 2743 more steps despite a short day Saturday)
  • I wakjed 22.99 miles (.02 less than last week)
  • I DID NOT GAIN!! After being home around delicious wholesome, homemade food, I didn’t gain!  This makes me very happy.
  • I did not meet my yoga goal.

This week’s goals June 14-20, 2016

  • Walk more than 7000 steps a day
  • Eat smart
  • Increase water intake
  • One day of yoga?!

I hope you have a wonderful week!  Next week I’m going on vacation and I cannot wait to just get away for a couple days and take some pretty pictures!


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