GL Gets Fit #98 {6 miles?!}

#yoga #yogainspiration: Hi Loves!  This was an interesting week for me.  I had two days where I failed – I did not meet my 7000 step minimum goal.  I was going through a stressful day Thursday combined with a late evening with friends and I just didn’t feel up to pushing myself to walk an extra 3000 steps before I crashed.  The next day – was also a rough day.  I made it to over 6000 steps so I was closer but just didn’t have the umph to keep going.

Maybe it was the stress – or I was fighting off some bug because I was just physically exhausted.  I wanted to crawl into bed and not come out for a couple days.  I’m not normally one to take naps or want to sleep but those two days I was just fried.  I was at my wits end and instead of pushing through it, I took cues from my body and opted to rest.  Mainly sleep – not rest. It was much needed and I started off the weekend feeling better.

My mind was still going back to the events earlier in the week on Sunday so I baked. 😦 Cookies. 😦  I ate them.  Thank god I only made half a batch of them so around 10 cookies – but they didn’t make it past Monday.  I know – that is horrible.  In hindsight – what if I hadn’t have had them?  Maybe my pounds would be lower today?  Too late now!  Although – Sunday – I needed to clear my head.  I put on netflix and just zoned out to walking as I watched a show that gets me distracted and guess what?!  I walked more than 7000 steps.  In fact I walked 5000 MORE steps – and crossed the 12,000 step and 6 mile mark!!  I was elated.  I looked down at one point and it was 4.75 miles – I thought – hmm… I’ll walk to 5 miles. As I was going towards 5 miles, I started the next episode.  I looked down and crossed, 5 miles – I thought – well shit, why not try to hit 6 miles and stop.  So I did. Just like that.

Excited from hitting that goal – I crossed 7000 steps, Monday night and then switched my tracker over to miles instead of steps.  7200-ish is about 3 miles.  8100 is around 3.5 miles, depending on how much I move as I get my steps in.  Well, I wanted to see if I could do two days of 6 miles.  So I did. Just like that.  Granted, I’m not editing any pictures at the moment so I can dedicate an hour to an hour and a half of walking and hit that goal.  I’m also not going to meetings after work so that also helps.

This week I’m going on a family road trip to one of my favorite places to visit. The black hills. Weather permitting, I want to get some steps in on a trail or two and photograph some beautiful waterfalls.  However, each way is over 8 hours in a car so I’m curious to see how my steps will stack up to this past week.  If I give myself a break those two days – I have to seriously step it up to even come close.  Plus…road trips make eating healthier hard.  Its difficult so I’ll try my best and go with it.

Now – lets get to some stats for June 14-20, 2016

  • I walked 62,527 steps!!!! (6000+ increase over last week)
  • I walked 28.57 miles!!! (5.58 miles more than last week)
  • I did get one day of yoga in!!
  • I also failed and didn’t meet my goal for 2 days – but made up for it!
  • LOST half a pound despite cookies.

Goals for this week – June 21-28, 2016

  • Walk more than 7000 steps a day
  • Eat smarter, make good decisions traveling
  • Enjoy my vacation!

Until next week my loves – I hope you have a wonderful week.  Sunday June 26 officially crosses the 2 mile mark in improving my lifestyle.  In August I’ll cross the two year mark of these posts.  While – I’m not drastically smaller than when I started, I’m in a better place than I was and I’m not giving up any time soon.


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