GL Gets Fit #99 {bliss}

Silence, meditation, God in stillness: This week’s quote is hard to read.  It says:

“It is in the sill silence of nature where one will find true bliss.”

So true.  The past few months I’ve felt scattered.  My mind has been all over the place. My weight has been as well. Things happening in the background with friends and family that have kept me worrying.  But on my last true day of vacation – we stumbled across the lake that none of us had been to.  It was a cool evening, the water was peaceful, and the view was just so serene.  You know I took a ton of pictures but they don’t do it justice other than trying to capture a moment.

I just stopped.  I sat down on a rock and tried to just soak up the moment.  It was bliss to me.  I could have stayed there for hours just exploring, watching the water occasionally ripple from a fish, and soaking in the true beauty of nature.  Some where in my peaceful moment to myself – I felt the most relaxed I’ve felt in ages.  In that moment, I felt like the things going on, the feelings, everything was just going to work out as it should.  It was just what I needed to hit the reset button on my mind before venturing home.  While I might not always approve of the way things happen, I felt like I need to just go with it and it is what it is.  If certain things are meant to be – they will work out as well.

Now technically – I crossed the two year mark since I decided to change my lifestyle. (6/26/14)  Rather than posting a recap – which will be coming soon – I wanted to share my bliss with you.  Below I give you Stockade Lake in Custer State Park in South Dakota.  Maybe it takes me back to standing on the bank of a pond fishing with my dad, maybe its just the beautiful water, or something else entirely but I felt at peace there.  Some times, you’ve got to stop everything and listen to your head and your heart.  I can’t explain it other than I felt totally at peace – I felt like in that moment, sitting on that rock was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Lastly – I didn’t count steps really.  Last week, over 8 hours each way in a car does a number on the body.  Maybe I’ve retained water, didn’t always eat the best, but I was on vacation and that is worth its weight… sort of!  Confession.  I did gain two pounds.  Eh… it was worth every second.

Until next week loves – xo –



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