GL Gets Fit #100 {new challenges}

Quote of the Week 'Yoga Is About Getting Your Ass Out of Your Head': Hi Loves!  My 100th GL Gets Fit post?!  Wow!!  I’m so happy I’ve kept these up, its fun for me to go back and read old posts and see how far I’ve come and how far I have to go.

Confession – I took a serious break from yoga.  Like 2 months.  I wasn’t losing weight so I thought I’d up my steps and miles and see where that took me.  Well… not really much farther than I was before I started.  Except eating poorly and gaining about 6 pounds. 😦 Truth.  In July I’m taking things back to basics.  I’m attempting to do 30 days of yoga and a basic 30 day challenge.  I’ll let you know how those go.  So far – I’m keeping up on them but its also only the 5th! 🙂  I’d share but I don’t want to jinx my momentum at the moment!

What I can tell you is while I can still hold poses – they are much harder than they were a few months ago.  That alone has me pumped to get back in to holding poses that were so easy for me in the past.  My 30 day challenge focuses on thigh and butt muscles and holy crap my legs have been angry.  Thank god today is a rest day for that and yoga actually seems to help me loosen the muscles up.

Stats this week – (Starting in July)

  • July 1 – 4
    • 4 Challenge Days Complete
    • 4 Days of Yoga Complete
    • Gain of 1 more pound
  • Goals (July 5 – 11)
    • Complete 7 days of Challenge Tasks
    • Do 7 days of yoga
    • Eat Smart
    • Drink more water

Until next week my lovely friends – I hope its a good one!


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