GL Gets Fit #101 {posing}

Keep going!: Hi Loves!  This past week has been pretty good.  Although – I’m not going to lie, its also been leaving me sore!  I’m doing a 30 day challenge focusing on my gut and my butt!  My legs are angry!  I remember why I hate lunges and my thighs remind me after every one! However – I might be crazy but after 11 days they feel a little more toned.  If I’m successful in completing the challenge I’ll share it at the end and let you know how it went.

I’ve also been working on trying to do 30 days of yoga.  So Sunday & Monday that was ruined.  My internet has been on and off for a few days and just wouldn’t hold long enough for me to get yoga with Adriene to load. That annoys me a ton.  However – last night (Monday) I got a new modem hooked up and it seems to be going a lot better.  Keep your fingers crossed!  I’m finding again just how much I love yoga.  I love clearing my mind to hold a pose and just focus on what I’m doing.  While the practices haven’t been too intense, I’m easing back in and loving it.

So lets do a brief recap – July 5-11

  • I did my challenge every day!
  • I did yoga 5 of 7 days (damn internet)
  • I LOST 1.5lbs!!!  You have no idea how excited I was to see a loss!

Goals for this week – July 12-18

  • Complete my challenge every day
  • Complete a yoga practice daily
  • Continue to eat smart

I have a family reunion on Sunday with lots of delicious treats.  One day won’t break me, but I’m hoping I’m able to resist extra helpings of deliciousness! Until next week – have a wonderful day!

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