GL Gets Fit #102 {better late than never}

 : Hi Loves!  So this post is a day and half late.  First of all internet has been down the past few days.  Its pathetic but I rely on that WAYYY too much! 🙂  

I’m writing a short and sweet post just to get this out there and not miss a week.  Last week was great.  I did my challenge and some yoga.  Instead of focusing on intense calorie burning yoga – I was focusing more on slow, gentle, meditative yoga.  It was wonderful.

Sunday was also a family reunion.  Oh my goodness… my family can cook, bake, create, and even buy some really great food.  I did eat too much but screw it – I went with it.  Monday night I had a migraine – to the point where I was getting stick to my stomach.  I’ve noticed that after eating and over indulging I get migraines.  I hadn’t had one in ages but every time I have had one, its within a day or two of eating a random mix of food.  I really need to track what I ate on those days…. and find the common denominator.

Ok – quick stats.

I did my challenge all 7 days.

I did yoga 6 out of 7 days.

I did my weekly weigh in Tuesday – and I gained a pound.  However – this morning (Wednesday on a whim I checked and I lost that pesky pound so take it for what it is.)

Until next week – have a fantastic day! 🙂

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