GL Gets Fit #103 {family}

FAMILY: LIKE BRANCHES ON A TREE, WE ALL GROW IN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS BUT OUR ROOTS REMAIN THE SAME.: Hi Loves.  This week its a little different.  I spent the past weekend with family.  Like this quote – the world may take us all different places doing different things but our roots will always remain the same.

Without getting into a lot of detail – I was reminded this past week just how important family is. How despite the fact that so many things make us different, when you put us back together – its just right.  It feels right, it feels like home, it feels like for the brief time you are together – all is right with the world.

So while I’d love to give you some glorious post about kicking ass and taking names.  (You know I like writing those too…)  Today – or this week.  Smile.  Hug someone.  Call your family who you haven’t talked to in a while – even if its just to say hi.

I will share a couple stats from last week.

  • I completed 5 out of 7 days of my challenge.
  • I did yoga 3 days
  • My weight remained the same.  – I’ll take that this week!

Goals for this week (July 19-25)

  • Complete yoga 4 days
  • Finish my 30 day challenge
  • Focus on better eating.

I will confess that this weekend is my county fair…. and at county fairs I allow certain indulgences (hello brisket nachos!).  However – I’m hoping I can maintain my weight since despite being incredibly unhealthy – they are my favorite fair treat and I only eat them once a year.

Until next week – have a wonderful day.
Sorry this is a day late – internet issues are still coming up. Hopefully that is also figured out by next week!

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