GL Gets Fit #104 {fair, family, food}

CUSTOMIZED Meal Plans & Workout Plans for $10 here... #fitness #motivation #bodybuilding: Happy August Loves! Where is the summer going?!  Ok – so last weekend was my county fair.  I said I was going to have nachos – and I did – and they were delicious!  However, I did gain a pound last week.

I had a wonderful day catching up with my best friend from college.  We don’t always get a chance to catch up, but when we do, its really great. Lots of laughing, a  bottle of wine, and talking about anything from boys to cats & dogs!

My mom also came for the weekend, so we were lucky that my friend and I could have our wine and we had someone to safely drive us to the fair.  Do not drink and drive – its just not worth it.  Anyway – spending the weekend with my mom is also wonderful.  We might annoy each other at times but she’s also one of my best friends and helped me split my nachos so I didn’t inhale them myself! 🙂  With some family things going on, I’m glad that we’re close and enjoy spending time together – life is short people.  Enjoy time with your family.

So in this post (below) I’m sharing with you my challenge from July.  I totally felt it and could also feel myself toning up a little.  In the last week and  a half I fell off a bit but I’m glad I got at least 80% of it done.  I’m continuing it with a new challenge in August. In order to not jinx things – I’ll keep that under wraps for now.

Since August is my birth month – I wanted to do another challenge and see if I can make some good progress before my birthday on the 22nd.  (fingers crossed)  I kicked off August 1st with my new goal, some ab work (OUCH) and a 15 minute fitness mile.  I know its not much, but I’m starting out small and I was dripping sweat when I was done with my mile! :0

Stats last week:

  • gained a pound
  • completed 2 days of yoga
  • completed 3 days of the challenge

Goals for this week (Aug 2-8)

  • move every day (yoga, walking, aerobics)
  • complete my new challenge every day
  • eat smart

Lastly – my July challenge!!  (I really liked this – it sucked… crunches and lunges kick my ass but… I think I’ll come back and try it again some time.  I also LOVE that I could still do planks really well.)

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