GL Gets Fit #105 {bad week…}

Don't become discouraged if you messed a day up. Get back on that wagon!! #encouragement #weilos: Hello loves.  Yep… I screwed up.  It happens.  You probably know or have read by now that I’m a stress eater.  When the going gets tough…I want really unhealthy food.  And I eat a lot of it.  Plus…my willpower to resist treats drops significantly.

This past week was rough.  I sort of mentioned it a couple weeks ago that something was up.  My aunt lost her battle with cancer this past week.  While I smile thinking of all the wonderful and funny moments we’ve had over the years, its still heartbreaking to lose a loved one.  Especially when she was only 58.  Times like this I reach for bad food.  Chocolate, carbs, salty food, etc…  I think its a coping mechanism.

That said.  I gained a pound this week.  I’m now 5 pounds heavier than I was two months ago.  Ok…so yeah… its only 5 pounds but I’ve been on a slow and steady increase.  Its a little depressing. However, I haven’t been working out much either.  You know when you feel defeated?  Seriously lack motivation?  So thats where I am.  Now – to be honest, I have continued my 30 day challenge every day, but anything beyond that seems like a big hurdle to me right now.  I need to start over.  Thursday. Today I’m going home after work for the funeral so I figure today and tomorrow are shot.  However…Thursday.  I need to move.  Walk for a bit, yoga, something… anything.

I also need to be drinking more water.  I can tell I haven’t been drinking as much so my goal this week – for the next few days is to drink a glass of water first thing when I get up every morning until Tuesday at least. I started today.  I plan to continue.  I need to drink a glass before I can eat or drink anything else.  Plus… its secret trickery.  Well not secret if you read up on water, but drinking a glass first thing will also help overeating at breakfast or any meal for that fact because our tummy fills up with the water that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

So – instead of sharing goals and stats – I’m ending this week here.  Fingers crossed I can get some exercise in on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday. 🙂


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