The future of Gracious Luck…and frugal Fridays might be back.

It is important to be motivated everyday to become or maintain being frugal. This word of wisdom can be your inspiration and motivation. This will also remind you to live frugally.: Hi loves!  These past few months I’ve been revamping my money style.  I think that’s how I should refer to it.  I’ve been bitten by the Dave Ramsey bug.  I listen to him nearly daily, I love his daughter Rachel Cruze’s work, and they’ve helped me realize that its time to figure this money shit out.

But first – a back story.  A few years ago, I started out marking Gracious Luck as a beauty blog.  I love makeup and skincare, but being a beauty blogger can get seriously expensive.  Especially if you aren’t filling your blogs with ad space and sponsors.  (I’m not against that – its just not my style.)  Beauty bloggers are always buying products from Sephora and Ulta and sharing reviews.  If you’ve been to either of those stores…you know its not cheap.  I have a serious weakness for high end skincare – and I do buy some but not enough to share product updates with you every week.

Gracious Luck has been a journey for me.  I starting out as sharing some of my favorite things with you.  In the beginning beauty products seemed to jump out as the front runner in my favorite products.

Then two years ago I started GL Gets Fit.  That is where some of my rawest and most heart felt posts have come from.  I’m no trainer, I’m not smart when it comes to weight loss, but I knew I could do it in my own way.  I didn’t want to turn to supplements or medication. I knew it was possible – but if I want to sustain it, I needed to figure out my own path.  I had to find what worked and what didn’t for me.

I’m going somewhere with this…btw! 🙂  In getting in shape, its easy to buy into products.  Workout clothes, shoes, accessories, dvd’s, gym memberships, even healthy food options can be expensive.  (See…I’m getting there.)  While I’ve reigned in spending…I still have weaknesses when it comes to shopping.  Next Friday will be September 2.  I’ll share my first Frugal Friday post in quite a while.  I’m jumping in to a challenge – NO SPENTEMBER.  Just in case you want to jump in with me. No buy months are unique to everyone.  You can customize it to what you want/need to do.  I’ll outline my plans in that post and each Friday in September, update you on how things are going.

I’ll also be sharing some things I’ve learned along the way in Frugal Fridays.  Things I’ve tried, things I like, etc.  Some might be shorter posts, others longer, but money is also one of my favorite things.   Keeping my money in particular. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The future of Gracious Luck…and frugal Fridays might be back.

    • jen says:

      Oh Selena – my soda habit is a vice I cannot break! …yet… 🙂 But I’ve increased my water as well, which means I run to the restroom a lot more than I used to! 🙂

      • Selena Hannah says:

        Me too! I drink 32 oz which is half of what I should be drinking for my weight. I consider that a victory. I struggle to finish that in a day but I do it everyday.

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