GL Gets Fit #108 {busy + migraine :( }

What it is like to have a migraine, in case you didn't know.:

Hi Loves!  So my birthday was last Monday. On Tuesday I was pumped about writing a post motivating myself on the crazy week coming up and having an awesome time.

Truth is – Tuesday night I had a meeting after work, Wednesday & Thursday I worked late, Friday I took off work early to go to a concert but didn’t get to sleep until close to 2AM Saturday, Saturday I went to a wine tasting and dinner with friends.  (I apologize for the gigantic run-on sentence!)  I actually woke up with a headache Saturday.  Being me – I took something and went on with my day.  By Saturday evening it was still lingering except now I was clammy and nauseous.  Getting out of the car to walk into my apt Saturday night, cue the runny nose.  Yep… I knew exactly what was going on since the nausea hit me.  I didn’t take anything at that moment because I had a couple glasses of wine and didn’t want to make things worse.

That said – Saturday night was rough, it was now bad enough falling asleep was hard, I felt awful, and knew I was in for a doozy of a headache.  I got my first migraine in high school.  At the time – I thought it was a bad headache until it snowballed into a really bad, nagging headache.  In college I had one bad enough I went to the doctor for a magical shot.  Dang… that worked but I remember that it was really really expensive.  Long story short – I pay attention to migraines and sort of mentally track them.  I know my cues by now.  A few of mine are: neck pain (thanks whiplash a few years ago), sleepiness, brain fog, slight headache in my eye.  Around the headache time the pieces slide together and I take something because I CAN head it off – if I catch it in time.  Typically my next step is nausea, then clammy and sort of motion sick feeling – most the time I’ll still take something but its hit or miss if it will work or not.  The headache that originated Saturday morning stuck around until 4:30 Monday morning.  I woke up and could still feel it so I took another round of meds went back to sleep and at 6:45 Monday morning it was winding down.

Something I’ve mentioned before to my doctor is that I always feel like I have a hangover after one.  Turns out – if you get migraines you probably know what I’m talking about because most people get that feeling for a day or two after.  Yesterday was spent nursing my hangover and to be honest, I still feel a little wiped out today yet.

While my birthday week was epic, wonderful, and full of fun moments – this morphed into a migraine post.  Its something I’ve struggled with for years.  They aren’t frequent enough for me to consider serious / prescription treatment but even then you have a small window of time to take something.

Do you suffer from them? Are your cues similar to mine?  Mine are 90% of the time triggered by lack of sleep and while I know this – just typically I can kick them before they turn into a full blown, knock out, drag down, ass kicking headache! 🙂

As far as exercise and getting fit goes – I didn’t get much actual exercise in last week.  But my weight stayed exactly the same so I’ll take that for now.  I’m hoping to get back in to exercise tomorrow (Wednesday).  Until next week – I’ll leave you with this info-graphic – I thought it was pretty accurate and interesting.

This Is What Happens When You Get A Migraine:

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