GL Gets Fit #109 {no gains!}

 : Happy September – or NO Spendtember! 🙂   So last week was a busy one and I didn’t get much working out done.  I’m still debating trying to workout in the morning but dang… I really love sleeping until 7.

For now – I’m focusing on getting my moves in after work.  I’m also going back to drinking a big glass of water every morning while I’m waking up.  It seems to jump start my day and since I have a history of battling UTI’s – maybe this will also help with getting the toxins out more.

This past weekend I went back home to spend one more long weekend with family.  While I helped with some yard work and trimming trees – I also ate.  I’m human and have little willpower when it comes to delicious distractions!  BUT… I didn’t gain.  I didn’t lose weight either but I’m focusing on the not gaining part of the story for now! I think instead of doing a formal challenge in September, my goal is to get 5000 steps a day in here on out in September.  5000 is pretty easy.  I’d also like to try and get some exercise in every day.

In wrapping up this post – I wanted to share my August challenge.  I actually liked this one a lot.  Maybe you will too!   Until next week – have a great day! 🙂

#exercise #butt #buttchallenge:

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