GL Gets Fit #111 {netflix & …walk!}

Womens Motivational Fitness | Inspirational Fitness | Crazy Fitness |Gym Motivation | Cool Fitness Posters: Hi Loves.  I’m still seriously lacking motivation.  I attempted to set the intention of working out 10 minutes a day last week.  I did 40 minutes Wednesday, and 45 minutes Sunday, and 45 minutes Monday.  So sort of a fail at that one….but not really?!

I’m also a planner.  I have my paper planner open on my desk daily and wasn’t using it the past week or so.  Some how – if I pencil it in and get to cross it off every day – that also helps me.

I’ve gone back to one of my old tricks.  At least for the past two days.  I watch a show on netflix or amazon and I walk during it.  I don’t have to speed walk – I can if I want, but I have to keep moving.  No sitting.  I want to get back to crossing 5000 steps a day again and did that on Sunday and Monday.  I also picked up a new challenge that I started yesterday (Monday) from Cassey at Blogilates.  Her challenges are turning into my favorites, they motivate me to cross each box off daily AND they aren’t crazy hard.  For a newbie who is out of shape, I’m perfectly fine with that.  If you’re a fitness junkie – you’ll hate how weak and simple they are.

So the time as come.  I weighed in this morning twice and was the same, did it one more time and it was higher.  Did it 3 more times and it held the higher weight.  (Yes – I’m a little obsessive.)  I experimented with moving the scale around a bit on my kitchen floor after I had mixed feelings about the weight. I was wondering how am I exactly the same a 3rd week in a row?  I’m going say give or take I gained half a pound.

You know what?  While I’m kind of bummed, I can’t blame anyone else.  I’ve been inhaling sweets lately and salty foods.  I picked up some apples at the store but then cookies and cinnamon rolls show up in my apartment and I cannot resist.

Here’s to a fresh week as I attempt to make better decisions and resist temptation.  I also hope to report in on hitting 5000 steps every day this week and maybe get a little exercise in as well.  Until then – have a great day!

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