Frugal Fridays {NO Spendtember update}

Put the emphasis in your life on faith, family, and health. ~Dave Ramsey: Hey Loves!  We are half through NO Spendtember!! I thought I’d share an update on how things were going.  I’m doing pretty good but its hard at times.

So – OMG – the challenge is real y’all!  I am so tempted every day by emails about sales.  I’ve gone to just deleting them, I don’t even open them.  The temptation is so hard for me but so far – no online purchases for myself/personal use.

I do have to confess.  I did cave twice.  I bought myself a fall candle and wax melts from Kohls because I had $5 cash back expiring in September and stacked it with 30% off and free shipping.  A roughly $25 purchase came out to $6.  I also caved again on Saturday – I went to target to pick up freebies to review and picked up a Glade fall candle.  Its normally $2.99 – but I had a coupon for $.55 off and a cartwheel offer ended up bringing it to $2.20.  Technically I caved BUT I still have spent less than $10 on myself so far!

Besides my serious weakness for fall candles and wax melts – I have only purchased gas and groceries!  YAY!  I did purchase some cleaning supplies – like dish soap but I categorize that broadly under groceries and household things.

I haven’t ate out yet – although I know specifically I will on Sept 29 for a function I’m going to so I’m hoping that I will only have one and I knew about it in advance.  I’ve been enjoying cooking and cleaning out my fridge of leftovers.

I did try meal planning and that worked for me but my roommate is anti-leftovers and didn’t even try.  When cooking bigger meals we split the cost of ingredients but it still didn’t matter to him.  I ate leftovers and he ate out.  Eh… its his money not mine!

So far – I’m happy I jumped on this challenge.  My grocery spending still seems high – but I’m going to track all expenses for 3 months and then re-assess my budget.  I was thinking I could get by for under $100 for groceries in a month but I’m more around the $125-150 range.  I’d really LOVE to get it to $80 a month but that would be cutting it nearly in half of the top number so its something to work towards.  I do clip coupons and shop only sale items if possible.

Until next week friends – have you tried no-buy months?  What’s your trick to saving money on groceries besides coupons and shopping sales?


3 thoughts on “Frugal Fridays {NO Spendtember update}

  1. Bailey says:

    I’ve never tried a no-buy month specifically, but it does seem like something I should do! Some things I try to do to cut down on the amount we spend on groceries is to include things that can make multiple meals like chicken breast packs or bags of rice. That way nothing is just for one meal.

    • jen says:

      I love doing that too – using staple items like chicken or rice to make several meals! I also stock up when there is a deal on things like that. No-buy months can be hard but kind of fun to see if you can make it! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck!

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