GL Gets Fit #112 {movement}

Ponytail in place. Get ready for results: Hi Loves!  When I pause to tighten the tail – you know shit’s about to get real! 🙂   I thought this was a cute quote for this weeks post.

Last week – I set an intention to try and hit at least 5000 steps every day in the past week.  I did – except Sunday!  I gave myself Sunday off.  Not like a cheat day – just like a – lazy rest up day.  I do at least 20-40 minutes of walking after work daily while I watch something on netflix or the news.  I mix up my steps to help target various muscles in my legs and thighs.

I also started a 30 day thigh challenge last Monday -and I have completed that every single day so far.  Something about actually taking a pen to paper and crossing it off helps me stay focused and motivated.  I still am not a fan of lunges but a side lunge doesn’t bug me as much as a regular one.

The moment of truth – weigh in today.  I lost over a pound.  Just a hair over but none the less, it was glorious to see the scale move DOWN instead of staying stuck on the same weight or creep up slowly.

This week – I’m continuing with shooting for 5000 steps for 6 out of 7 days and doing my thigh challenge every day.  Fingers crossed this coming week goes well!

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