GL Gets Fit #113 {bad week}

21 Quotes That Will Motivate You To Get In Shape By Bikini Season: I think this is true.  Work out, eat smart, be patient, and…you’ll be better!  I knew all month that I’d be eating out at least one meal this past week at a dinner with friends.

That snowballed in to a dinner meeting about a future project, and eating out two other times.  So… I ate out 4.5 times this week.  The .5 is a foot long ham & cheese from subway that I ate for two meal lunches.

That said – I feel that subway is relatively healthy.  Certainly better than McDonalds or other drive-thru options. However – I needed to come clean and say that I gained 2 pounds.

I still worked on my 5000 steps a day challenge and my thigh challenge but the only big difference in last week and the one before was eating out.  My own fault.  This coming week will be crazy since I have a lunch date Saturday with friends and then I’m going to a concert Saturday night out of town.  I hope in the process I just make smart choices this week, as I’m snacking on delicious grapes! 🙂

I also picked up some sort of bug or something.  Sunday & Monday were rough with a weird sore throat, achy, tired, and chills Monday night.  Good news, I woke up in sweat a couple times last night…I’m taking that as a positive sign!

Until next week – I hope I can kick this bug or whatever it is before the weekend or its going to really be a rough one! Until next week loves!


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