Frugal Friday – EASY Cash Back?!

Follow my simple rules to help navigate you through your favourite  online shopping sites and save you from a case of buyer’s remorse!!: Hey Loves!  I shop online.  A lot.  Mainly because I live in rural Nebraska and my nearest department stores or even Walmart & Target are 45-60 minutes away.  That being said, I really love cash back sites like Shop At Home & Ebates.  Since you kind of know my shopping style by now, it probably won’t surprise you that I compare the cash back rates of both before shopping online and pick the one with the better rate.

Have you heard of these sites?  Basically you create an account and then when you’re needing to shop online you go to that site, log in, type in the store you want to shop at, and the site redirects you AND you’ll get cash back on your purchase that day.

Once you’ve been ordering online for a while, and you get some cash back, both send you your money quarterly.  Shop At Home sends an actual check, and Ebates will deposit into paypal or mail a check.  I’ve received so far $198 back from Shop At Home, and around $50 from ebates but I just started using ebates in the past year.

I know coming off No Spendtember – that I wasn’t shopping, but being that so much of us order online anymore I wanted to share one of my favorite ways to save or make money!  Its not a lot but hey – its money that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.  I like that its just a fun little bonus every now and then.

Have you tried these sites?  Its pretty painless and might take a while to add up but its pretty easy money.  A few of my favorites are:

Ebates (as of 10/6/16)
JC Penney 6% cash back
Kohls 6% cash back
Walmart 2% cash back
Sephora 8% cash back

Shop At Home (as of 10/6/16)
JC Penney 8% cash back
Kohls 2% cash back
Walmart 2% cash back
Sephora 4% cash back

The cash back rates are always changing so if I know I’m going to shop online -especially back Friday & Cyber Monday, I’ll go thru these sites and I’ll get a little bonus cash to a couple months later!

Sign up here:  Ebates or ShopAtHome

New to Ebates?  Sign up and get $1o!

ShopAtHome is also offering $10 for new accounts!! 


*Disclaimer, my ebates link is a referral link its just a little bonus for you $10! and me!

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