Evian Spray on your big day! {review}

wp-1476753821892.jpgHi Loves!  While I am not getting married any time soon.  I was given the chance to try Evian Spray in prepping for a big day.  (That said, I didn’t buy this – it was sent to me to try in exchange for sharing it with you my awesome readers!)  Be that a wedding – homecoming dance (if you’re younger) – date night.  The possibilities are endless.  I’ve seen this in Sephora and Ulta but never tried it.  I do love face mists but typically go towards setting sprays or toner sprays instead.

First – some basics about it and some ideas on how to use it are listed at the bottom of this post because there are a lot!

Evian Facial Spray $7.50 (1.5oz – TSA approved size) or $18 (10oz.)

In the morning and evening, after cleansing, Spray face to a soak with evian® to remove excess cleanser and harmful tap water. Because each micro-droplet is propelled under high pressure, skin will absorb. Wait a few moments and pat excess dry. Apply moisturizer to seal in evian® hydration. This is why evian® helps improve the effectiveness of any skin care products used with it.

After makeup application, hold the canister further from the face for a light circular misting that “sets” makeup (helping it to blend with the skin) and revives cosmetic colors throughout the day. This allows the skin to be rehydrated and refreshed without removing makeup and also helps improve the performance of all color cosmetics.

Trade secret of cosmetics professionals
For a natural, refined look – after applying foundation, hold can twelve inches from the face and spray for 2-3 seconds. The fine mist eliminates surplus, and evens out complexion color.

Proven Results with regular use*
100% – reported instantly refreshed skin
94% – claimed better hydration
87% – reported softer feel
81% – saw reduced under-eye puffiness
95%- noted improved tone
*consumer research results – tested on 62 women using twice daily for 30 days.

My thoughts:

I love that they sent a small bottle that is TSA approved.  How perfect for traveling!  I used this on a couple of really long days that required a full face of makeup.  I felt refreshed after using and while my skin was a bit damp, it absorbed much faster than I thought.  Worse case scenario, blot your face with a bit of tissue and you’re ready for anything!

I did my makeup for what I’d wear to a more formal evening wedding.  I want a little more drama than something I’d wear to an afternoon wedding but still being subtle.  (PLEASE ignore my eyebrows – I haven’t had them waxed in ages! :O )

I’m showing my face of makeup before and immediately after using the spray so that you can see if there are any significant changes.  I sprayed this a couple times and right before the picture I did a heavier application which you can clearly see thanks to my flash! I purposely didn’t use an eye shadow primer or waterproof mascara because I wanted to give evian the easiest way to ruin my makeup.  However – it worked just fine.  If I’m wearing this for a long day I’ll still use primers for peace of mind but I’m really surprised at how well this worked.  It will be great to have when you just need to freshen up quickly.

Have you used this?  What did you think?

More Suggestions for Use:

AFTER CLEANSING – generously spray, wait a moment for skin to absorb, pat excess dry and follow with favorite moisturizer.
TO AWAKEN SKIN – a soaking spray in the morning hydrates outer layers of the skin up to 16%* and reduces under-eye puffiness.
TO REVIVE COLOR COSMETICS – a light spray over face any time during the day and night.
AFTER MAKE-UP REMOVAL – works as a post cleanser, removes any residue.
TO DILUTE AND BLEND MAKE-UP – use with mineral powders and cream and liquid makeup, for a smoother application, a favorite of cosmetics professionals.
AFTER SHAVING – an all-natural, soothing replacement for toners and after-shave lotions.
AFTER DEPILATION – the cooling, and gentle spray is non-irritating.
TO CLEAN BABY’S BOTTOM – use with or without cotton pads.
TO HELP CLEANSE SENSITIVE SKIN – pure, natural evian® mineral water is gentle and hypoallergenic.
DURING/AFTER LABOR – hydrates fragile skin of new moms.
DURING TRAVEL – the 1.7 oz. (50ml) canister is TSA approved for onboard air travel.
PURE WATER CLEANSING – any time clean water is unavailable.
AFTER SPORTS – helps remove salty perspiration.
SUN EXPOSURE – Can be applied before using sunscreen, provides immediate hydration and relief with its cooling effect – helps soothe burning sensation.
AFTER SWIMMING – helps remove harmful ocean salt and pool chlorine.
TO COOL HOT, TIRED, OR BURNING FEET – a spray of evian® is perfect relief at the end of the day.
SKIN TYPES: All skin types, including sensitive skin
WARNINGS: Contents under pressure. Do not puncture, incinerate or store at temperature over 120° F. Keep out of children’s reach.

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