GL Gets Fit #115 {still recovering}

Ankle/Achilles Inferno Wrap Review: I ordered the Inferno Wrap and the Freezie Wrap for the ankle and used them according to the directions. I felt great pain relief and the flexibility in my Achilles returned within a few weeks of treatment.   With that regimen, I have been able to avoid a surgical tendon correction and have been able to resume my normal busy activities.: Hi Loves!  So I get over the whole heartburn mess but last weekend my ankles started bothering me.  They were sore and stiff one morning. A couple days later I noticed red knots in the muscles on my feet.  On both of my feet but in different areas.  By the end of last week my feet were sore and my ankles were swollen.

Turns out after pouring through tons of research I suspect I have a mild case of tendinitis.  I think what triggered it was standing at a concert for about 5 hours in bad shoes.  Totally my fault but at the end of the concert my feet, legs, and hips all hurt.  My feet were burning but you can’t exactly sit when you’re in general admission section at a concert.  (NOTE: Wear good shoes next time!)  The swelling and tenderness on my feet and ankles line up with tendons that are in our feet.  By Friday last week my ankles were getting puffy enough that shoes were starting to rub.

I’ve never had ankle problems in my life…so far.  In high school I was in weight lifting competitions and had a few issues with one ankle.  At the time my doctor said I had “floozy” or wimpy ankles and suggested I wear a brace.  However  – since I stopped training for lifting competitions 15 years ago – I hadn’t had a problem.  I ordered a couple braces (one for each foot) online and they arrived Monday.  I immediately put them on and I felt like my feet were being hugged! It sounds silly but they’ve been sore for just over a week and I was starting to get desperate. This morning the swelling is going down.  They still hurt but for the first time in a week I feel like I’m starting to see progress.

Just to clarify – I researched lots of medical articles ranging from tendinitis to sprains to stress fractures but with tendinitis as the muscles and tendons in your feet “warm” up after you’ve been moving a bit it isn’t as painful.  Much like this blasted plantar fasciitis that I still haven’t completely kicked once I get moving its not as bad.  Mornings still suck or if I’ve been sitting for a long period of time.

I know a few of you will be annoyed that I didn’t go to a doctor but the doctors in my town are not impressive. In fact if I lived back home with my mom, I would have stopped to see my doctor who told me I had floozy ankles because I trust him.  I hate wasting money on office calls for them to be like… “meh… you’re fine, if its not better in a week, come back.”  After attempts at seeing them with worthless diagnosis’s I’d rather spend money with a doctor that has always helped me feel better and knows my history.

So now that I’ve told you my story – you shouldn’t be surprised that I didn’t work out this past week.  Just a lot of rest for my ankles and work.  I’m hoping to ease back into some more movement this week or maybe some yoga that is gentle.

I didn’t gain any weight so I’ll take that as a positive sign today! 🙂  Lets hope life can get back to normal soon!

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