GL Get Fit #117 {hurts so good}

Take time to do what makes your soul happy! Daily Motivation by Your Personal Evolution System #alwayspositive: Hi Loves!  Holy November?!  Wow… I can’t believe its already November and it’ll be thanksgiving before I know it!

Good news, I’ve been able to go with out my ankle braces for about 5 days and while my ankles are still tight, I’m working on keeping them stretched and loosened up.  So far they aren’t swollen, just still really tender and have a bit of bruising left behind.

This week I attempted yoga for the first time in…ages.  I wore my braces but did a 40 minute beginner session and it was glorious.  I did modify the lunges since my ankles weren’t very happy in them but for the most part it was nice to get moving again.  I set an intention to get 3 yoga sessions in.  I failed.  I got one in and then got busy with projects and work.  But – I’m going to shoot for 3 again this week.

I also gained one of the two pounds back that I lost.  However – that’s my own doing and I need to get back into moving again.

Goals this week:

  • 3 days of yoga
  • eat smart

Until next week – have a great day!!


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